Entwurf des PT-1 von VOBRIS Paradedrucks


PT 1 Neu in 2015 1 PT 1 Neu in 2015 2  
Der fertige PT-1 von VOBRIS Paradedrucks


Number o. Pers.
Up to 80
Length: 10.50 meter (with opened staircase)
Width: 2.55 meter

4.00 meter (with drawn out railing above 4.50 meters)


 On the vehicle, place is for people in the following variants:

  As alone standing without music system and generator per 40 persons above and below

  As a parade truck with sound system and generator on the upper level, 50 persons below
          (Staircase inside is folded up)

  As a parade truck with sound system and generator on the lower level 35 persons and
          if you can go with a ride height of 4.50 meters in the parade again above 40 persons

On the lower level, the Middle railings grilles can be removed so that you have a presentation or presenter stage for your event.

You can also the upper level in addition as a VIP area or observation deck. The lower section of the back can be attached of course with black fabric.

On request we provide the exact dimensions of the structure available, so you can be your own banner design and install. We are here helping you.

Should you have any questions, please talk to us. We are happy to find an individual solution for you.